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Some wallpapers I use on the good ol’ iPad xP



Anonymous said: Oh wow, it's so cool to see other girls who like hentai too!! Do you have a favourite series?

Oh, Jesus. I love hentai. 

And no, I’ve never been one to know sources, and I’m mostly in to pics and gifs. Never really liked videos, I’m not big into voices, Dubs at lease. xD Make my crack up. 


Hawt. <3


endersfate said: Thought you died lol welcome back

xO Thank you <3 

And no, just moved o . o Now i’m looking for a job xP

AH! I’m back. o . o

Herro. I’ve been a little busy, but i have returned. Did you miss my hentai? ;O

Request, Ask, Enjoy. <3 ~



endersfate said: Do you have any femdom pics (no bdsm)

I think I do :D 

I’m not that into bondage :( Just some. But it kinda scares me.. I don’t like pain all that much D:



Anonymous said: At 400 followers can we get an ass pic? ;)

Considering :3

But I still have to get a boob pic out there D:



Anonymous said: where he fuck's you ass.pussy did he lick your pussy do you give's him some blowjobs do you love to suck and bite your nipple?

All of the above. 

o 3o 

… I think. 

why shocked? :D Boobies good. 

why shocked? :D Boobies good. 

Lets start slow. &lt;3

Lets start slow. <3



I’ll start posing soon <3 


Bad News Bilbo Baggins

Life has started happening.
I am in the middle of a move and I will be busy for a week or so.
So give me some time to adjust and I’ll be posting more pornz in no time.



Anonymous said: Does your boyfriend fuck you hard?

Everyday ;) lol… Literally ._.



Anonymous said: Hey you said we could see your boobs if you got 300 followers, remember? c:

I shall this weekend <3 be patient my dear follower ;)